The Monster” – A players viewpoint from Rounds 3 & 4 2013

Golf can be the most frustrating game in the world – we all know that feeling, when nothing, really nothing works out the way we want it.

So why do we keep on playing? Why do we spend hours walking behind a tiny white ball even if it´s pouring down?
Because there are moments like this:

Bad Bellingen, second day of the weekend tournament. Wonderful weather, sunny and warm. We are at the Tee-off of hole 12 at the „Kapellenberg“ course, making a little break and enjoying our midround snack. From there you have a spectacular view over the Rhinevalley, the Vosges and the Black Forest.

It´s the hole for the „Longest Drive“ and as one of the last flights we must realize, that some Long hitters already had done very well – the sticks, that mark the distances are so far away, that they are definitly out of reach for us.

The flight in front of us just continued playing, 2 of the boys already made their Teeshots. Only Tim is missing. Yesterday he preferred playing with his irons from the Teebox, because his woods didnt work the way he wanted (see remark above).

But it´s a different day, different course and when, if not for the Longest Drive is the time to give it a try.

So Tim takes his Driver, focus on the ball, swings back, swings down and – whack! He knows it instantly, you can tell by his smile. We all watch how the ball rises in the air, flies and flies and flies, lands and keeps rolling some more meters before it finally stops – way beyond the Longest-Drive-Stick. Unbelievable! Tim takes his wood in both hands, raises his arms and jumps with both feet in the air. It´s sheer joy, even to just watch a perfect hit like that.

And for these moments we all keep on playing.

Andrea Neitzel, Hopeful Tiger 2013