Alongside tournaments in Switzerland, Germany and France, Golf4Fun also has several trips abroad and in Switzerland each year. In previous years we visited Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany with a variety of long weekend and full week options to choose from. In 2019 we will visit Spain, Bulgaria together with our old favorites of spending Spring Break in Italy and combining rounds 3 and 4 of the tournament series with a long weekend in Germany.

Working closely with a Swiss and German PGA Pro, all members can be sure to find something for their needs be that from our twice weekly training sessions, individual lessons, group courses or the pro trips which we organize from time to time.

Membership is your opportunity to join a fun bunch of keen golfers! Membership is free and for our more active members we have a Gold Membership package which give discounts on tournaments and travel as well as extra discounts with our Partners such as Fin Bec Fine Wines and Feel Good Fitness.


What people say about us

I have been always attracted to play golf, everything around it seemed so nice to me: the competition itself, the playing fields, the amazing locations, the atmosphere lived there, the people ,... but mostly the lack of information and sometimes the wrong ideas I had about it prevent me from giving it a try. Not to mention the possible cost that it would have in my pocket. Then Nora sent me the invitation to join Golf4fun, and I decided to give it a try. The result couldn't be better: I got clarified all the concepts and the wrong ideas that I had before about it; I met amazing people that were presenting golf to me as a reliable sport that can be handled by absolutely everybody; my golf instructor made the lessons easy, and most important, effective (I was hitting balls quite far away on the very first day!). It is an experience I already recommended to some friends and they liked it too. I am just willing the good weather will come to continue practicing and get my license

Rodrigo Herrera Rodriguez (Spain)

It's been around  six years of golf and six years of fun since I first teed off in my first Golf4Fun tournament. Since then  I have  had the pleasure of playing  many courses in Switzerland as well as in  five other countries  which just shows you the scope of the golfing experience laid on throughout the year  by this brilliantly organised group. The tournament series is a big draw for members as it gives the chance to challenge  your handicap in a relaxed  but focused group, with the chance of competing for some great prizes , whilst also spending some quality time with a mix of international people. The addition of a pro, Kevin, at golf point Urdorf being available for both individual and group training is also a plus . I  look forward to many more years of association  with Golf4Fun and would recommend anyone  of any level to join. 

Peter Martin (UK)

Great fun yesterday with the Indoor Golf at Jona - Schönau. Thanks for organizing this one as well as all the events additional to the tournaments. These keep us active and give the opportunity to keep rolling the ball, lubricating the swing. This indoor was a new experience and a very ”comfortable” one. Relaxing between shots, fantastic opportunity to chat, drink and even eat, having an experience in different golf courses. Continue with the good and enthusiastic volunteered time consuming work on this. Golf4fun – our pleasurable golf group.

Pedro Silva Duarte (Portugal)

There is no better way to enjoy golf than to play a competitive round with great people who take the game serious and, at the same time, are serious about having fun. I am very happy to have found a group of diverse people that share my love for the game and are great to have fun with, on and off the golf course. And btw, the events are very well organized and the tournament prices are as good as they get.

Patrick Knab, "King Tiger" 2012 (Switzerland)

A relaxed environment and easy going company make the perfect combination for players starting out in our careers in Golf - "Rabbits". Thats exactly what I found when I joined the Golf4Fun Golf group as a Rabbit in 2012. The group is an interesting mix of cosmopolitan people from all over the world, making it extremely interesting from a social perspective. The tournaments themselves are not just enjoyable for players of all levels but they are also very well organized and Nora does a great job of making Rabbits feel like seasoned pro's from the 1st t-off. 2012 was the 1st tournament year for Golf4Fun, but you can already clearly see what the future holds - many more successful seasons to come for which I am happy to say I am part of Golf4Fun. 

Nelly Vasques (Guatemala)

I started being interested in golf a few years ago, when my Italian friends also started with golf. Golf4Fun helped me raising my interest in the sport, thanks to their organized events, which are also suitable for beginners, as well as for more experienced players. To this days I still take part in some events since they are well organized, as well as an opportunity to practice golf and have fun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Mirko Lugano (Italy)

I moved to Switzerland several years ago when my wife started working in Switzerland, I knew no one, but with help from Nora and Golf4Fun I now have a good crowd of friends who I enjoy time with both on and off the golf course. More importantly in the last few years during which I’ve had some fairly serious health issues and the golf4fun events and the community have been a bright spot in what have been some very hard times. The events themselves are always well run and everybody has a good time, which is a testament to Nora’s dedication and commitment to the community

Mark Broughton (England)

Nomen est omen. Golf4fun tournaments are really that, fun, fun, fun but also proper tournaments. First, because the participants are players that love the game and take it serious. And therefore also want others in their flight to enjoy the game and the day. Positive vibes all around. Second, because a proper tournament needs proper prices and competition. There several categories which give you a number of shots at a feel good moment at the end of the day. And all of it on great courses.

Leon Smits (Netherlands)

Golf is much more than a game, it’s a series of special moments we keep for a lifetime. Sure, that one perfect 7 iron landing next to the cup or that putt drained from 20 meters could be some of those moments. But, this past summer, most all my special moments were simply playing with the whole group of Golf4fun. Wonderful camaraderie, laughs galore, and special warmth I am very happy to find here in my new home of Switzerland. And it’s all open for anyone to join the fun. 

John Seeger (U.S.A)

I have good days and bad days on the golf course, but I always try to enjoy my golf. After all, I do it for fun. Over the last couple of years I have thoroughly enjoyed the many days out playing golf with some great people who have joined me in the events and competitions organised by Golf4Fun. There's a friendly rivalry between the better players - especially at the 19th - as well as the opportunity to give a little encouragement to some of the improving players new to the game. I've met many like minded people at these events who, along with the good organisation and a fine selection of venues, create a great atmosphere and make each whole Golf4Fun day a pleasure… no matter how good or bad the golf! I'll be back, again and again.

Jay Gilbert, "King Tiger" 2013 (England)

In Golf4Fun you will find awesome people from different nationalities with a common passion, GOLF. There are always planned activities, trips, indoor golf, tournaments, dinners, wine tastings and more. And the best is that everything is perfectly organised by Nora and everything is open to everybody independent of your golf level. As its name says Golf4Fun is the perfect combination between golf and fun and I am very happy to belong to this community since 2014.

Irene Garcia (Spain)

Nora is a great organizer. The locations of the golf courses are really nice, the people are full of spirit and ready to take the challenges but with a lot of humor. What I like most is the "motto" of the association: have "FUN" with golf. On the other side I have never seen so many people concentrate to reach the final goals: lower the handicap and win one of the beautiful prizes that the sponsors make available.

Francesca Lianza (Switzerland)

For me, Golf4Fun is great. We get to play fabulous courses, with a friendly like-minded group. The camaraderie of the relaxed competition format adds that extra element, ensuring plenty of conversation over a drink afterwards. The Golf4Fun days are a great way to enjoy the beautiful summers.

Dick Herden (Australia)

I joined Golf4Fun a few year’s ago and now look forward to every event on the calendar. They are all extraordinarily well run by Nora and the combination of interesting people, great golf courses, fun tournaments, and many opportunities to socialize is hard to beat!

David Underwood (USA)

I joined the two days tournament in Bad Bellingen four times in the last 6 years. Driving down from The Netherlands on Friday morning to arrive on time for dinner. Definitely the longest drive of all. But worth every minute and kilometer. Every time a warm welcome from Nora, Dawn, Peter and all the others who also arrive on Friday. On Saturday the first round, on Sunday the second. Very well organized. Warm and gentle people in a flight of three golfers with high and low handicap is a surpringly good concept. And of course the waiting for the ceremonies while having a drink and a nice dinner and a good conversation. To everyone who never joined I want to say: don't hesitate and register for one of the tournaments.

Casper Berghuis (Netherlands)