Golf and Wonders – Round 1 2013 – A players viewpoint of the day


It´s April, it´s season kick-off and because of that you wouldn´t expect any wonders from the first round. And… it didn‘t happen. At least not for the scoring. So it was no wonder that it was possible to climb to the top of the Ladies Brutto Category with only 8 – yes thats eight – Brutto Points.

Tigers, Rabbits, Ladies & Gentleman: There´s room for improvement here 🙂


Nevertheless it was a wonderful day in Steisslingen GC, cloudy, but dry during the complete tournament – almost magical. 48 golfers joined the tournament, wondering if they would ever be able to find a ball again, once it missed the fairway. But in some cases, miracles happened; some eagle-eye flight partners spotted the white dots even in the highest rough.

And did anyone else wonder why daisies always grow in little circles in the middle of the fairway?

The season start was completed by a marvellous Apero Riche prepared by the kitchen crew in Steisslingen. While enjoying food and drinks, the „Golf4Fun’ers” waited for the ranking list to be announced. As a result of the „Incredible” scores on the day (see above), CBA added an additional 2 points to the individual scores, ensuring some happy golfers on the day.

apero2  apero1

There were winners in many categories on the day who took home some of the incredible prizes that the sponsors provided. And „Golf4Fun’ers” who are now at the Top of the individual Leaderboards – congratulations to Jay, Dick and Myriam!


And if you now wonder how you could be a part of that „Miraculous Event“, just sign up for one of the next tournaments – the dates magically appear on !

Andrea Neitzel, hopeful Tiger 2013!