Terms and Conditions of General Participation 2020

  • Participants in Golf4Fun events held at golf clubs must be able to provide a valid Golf Club membership for the current year and up to date HCP certificate at any Golf4Fun event. Golf4Fun doesn’t not provide HCP tracking/updates. All participants must have a membership of an official golf club in 2020 which is governed by the golf association of that jurisdiction; your chosen golf club will provide those services to maintain your HCP based on tournament results (ranking lists) over time. In the event of membership of a golf club outside of Switzerland, a golf HCP certificate from your golf club will be required if this is your 1st event with Golf4Fun in the current year.
  • Reservation is based on a first come first served basis; register early to avoid disappointment!
  • Reservation is guaranteed after receipt of payment up to the maximum number of places per event.
  • Registration for a specific event can only be done by filling in all the required information on the supplied registration form on the website (www.golf4fun.ch).
  • In the event of cancellation the following charges apply:
    • Event entry: Up to 6 days prior: full refund, 2 to 5 days: 70% of price (30% refund), 24 hours: 100% of price.
    • In case of no-shows the entire fee will be charged.
  • Golf4Fun reserves the right to change the offer due to unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances or force majeure.
  • Players may be required to provide proof of HCP to the club on the morning of the tournament. Ensure you have your 2020 membership card (showing your starting HCP for 2020 at minimum) with you, or a print out from your clubs membership system which proves your current HCP. This remains the players’ responsibility. 
  • Rules of the R & A Golf Club, St. Andrews as well as EGA* and local club rules apply.
  • It is everyone’s own responsibility to have own private liability insurance.
  • All photographs taken by Golf4Fun photographer during events are the property of Golf4Fun.
  • In cases which money needs to be transferred back (or carried forward to another event) an admin charge of 5.- CHF applies.
  • Golf4Fun Privacy Policy under which governs conditions for all events which Golf4Fun organizes
  • Golf4Fun reserves the right to impose a general participation ban and/or deduct points from a participants leaderboard score (depending on the circumstances) for the following:
    • Breach of Rules of Play: A player breaches either the R & A rules or the local rules of a golf club.
    • Falsified HCP certificates.
    • HCP Adjustment: Participants are responsible to inform their home golf club when their HCP has changed due to a tournament. To enable players to do this:
      • Signed scorecards for a specific tournament need to be picked up from the organizer after the tournaments’ Prize Giving Apero.
      • The ranking list will be available for download electronically, normally within 1 day of the results being published.

Registration Process: 

The Participation list is filled based on order of registration up to a maximum stated on the individual event.

  1. All registrants will receive an email within 24 hours of registration. If you do not receive such an email:
    • 1st check your spam folder
    • If no email is found in your spam folder, please send an email to info@golf4fun.ch with subject “Missing Registration Confirmation Email” explaining the problem and for which event.
  2. While the Participation List is not already full, upon registration the registrant will receive a “Registration Confirmation” email requesting payment. A space is pre-reserved for the registrant on the official Participation List for the period of time specified on their Registration Confirmation email to enable them to full fill the payment in the time specified.
  3. When the Participation List is already full, upon registration the registrant will receive a “Waitlist Confirmation” email and they will be added to the waiting list. The order of the waiting list is based on registration date. When a space becomes free on the Participation List, the 1st registrant on the waiting list will receive a Registration Confirmation email with their payment details (as per point 2).
  4. When payment is not received within the specified time period as stated on the Registration Confirmation email, the registration is cancelled.

In cases which money needs to be transferred back (or carried forward to another event) an admin charge of 5.- CHF applies.

* Official EGA (European Golf Association) rules for maintaining HCP of a player. The Swiss Golf Federation as well as most mainland European golf clubs are regulated by the EGA. If you are a member of a foreign golf club you will need to check with them the correct procedure to keep your HCP up to date to reflect Golf4Fun tournament results. Membership of a foreign golf club is accepted by Golf4Fun only when the golf club is licensed by the official golf federation of the jurisdiction where the golf club exists; members of such clubs must provide proof of 2019 membership and their current exact playing HCP.