Rounds 3 and 4 2014 and we did battle with The Elements…

The Bad Bellingen weekend tournaments are always fun events. This year we were greeted with a new challenge – strong gusts of wind – which made the weekend of golf all the more challenging.
With most people staying the weekend, the group of 60 plus golfers kicked off smoothly on Saturday morning with the first tee off at 10am, tee 1 on the Quellenhof course.

For those who have not played Quellenhof before, the course is amass with bunkers, over 150 in total, some holes more reminiscent of being in the desert than on a green fairway. After a pleasant first 9 and not too much sand to deal with, we were greeted with warm smiles at the half-way house and grabbed a sandwich and array of refreshments to fuel us for the next 9 holes.


During the back 9 the wind had really picked up though and there was at least one occasion on a par 3 where, after specifically choosing 2 club lengths longer than normal to cater for the wind, we still landed up short of the green. Nonetheless the day progressed well and after diligently trying to fulfil the etiquette of golf in keeping up with the pace, we completed our round in a good five hours.

The great thing about this tournament weekend is that we can unwind after the game on Saturday without the need to go very far. After a few drinks at the golf club, we all made our way to our respective hotels where we freshened-up for dinner.


After a traditional and tasty German meal, the prizes were handed out. Alison grabbed, yet again, first spot on the ladies gross category with 30 and also ended up with 32 netto points while Siegi took a well-deserved win in the mens category with 21 gross and 34 net points. Congratulations to all the winners of all the respective categories.

The rest of the evening was spent in the balmy warm summer evening on the terrace. Most of the group were diligent in retiring at a decent hour to prepare for Sunday’s tournament, while a few of us remained to enjoy  a few more grappas and whiskeys…hopefully not being too much of a detriment to the game the next day…


Sunday arrived and after another hearty breakfast it was time to concur Kapellenburg. While having fewer bunkers, this course has more water and a number of blind holes which makes it more challenging for a first-time player. And yet again, the wind continued to be a faithful companion. Alison grabbed first prize again (when does she ever not) with an admirable 34 gross and net points with Murray coming in a strong first on the men’s end with 28 gross and 31 net. In the 0 – 17.9 net category, Alexandra came in first with a strong 34 points with Daniel Gilomen striding ahead with an impressive 41 points in the netto 18-36 category. Well done to all the winners!

Next up: Steisslingen on 13th July

Theresa Patricios, Hopeful Tiger 2014