Raise your glasses – Golf4Fun welcomes Orator distillery onboard for 2018

Orator – the Distillery for Noble Spirits and Distinguished Events , is a Swiss award winning craft producer of organic spirits.

While only founded in 2016 by Christian Orator, an expat with 25 years of international career in the insurance industry, the company has already conquered its place in the prime quality segment.

At the recent DistiSuisse, – the most reputable Swiss Spirits competition – Orator Gin Classic was awarded Gold & category winner for Gin. All other submitted products ( Raspberry Spirit, Orange Blossom Spirit and Pepper Spirit ) were also awarded Gold & Silver medals.

Meanwhile Orator’s range of outstanding products encompasses specialties like Wild Madagascar Pepper, Chili, Bergamot, Marc (Grappa) from Shiraz and Pinot Noir grapes, White Rum from organic molasses & many more.

With all fruit and herbs being organic or wild, no sugar or artificial aromas added, these spirits are a gift of nature at its best. Pure flavor.

Christian & his wife Eva are very proud and feel honored to be the Gin  Sponsor of the  Golf4Fun tournament series.

At the “Orator Aim” competition the winners will be honored with a bottle of ORATOR Gin Classic – the highest ranked gin in Switzerland.

In addition a bottle of ORATOR Orange Blossom Spirit will be also awarded as one of the category prizes at each round.!

And on top: for the season final, Orator Distillery offers vouchers for a guided tour of the production site with tasting of their premium distillates as a prize for the season final leaderboard.