“One of the most visually stunning courses I have ever played” – more Round 2 2013 Player views

What an incredible course; Despite knowing the forecast, brave participants couldn’t refuse the challenge and the Gods were forgiving in return. Although some players partners may disagree.

The first flights suffered a short shower and standing at midday was a challenge for even the best all weather clothing. But lucky for us the weather turned. Regardless of the weather, it has to be said that Gruyère Golf Course is one of the most visually stunning courses I have ever played; To experience such a course in sunshine would be hard to beat in Switzerland.

I can only really speak for my own round: I went from a ladies on the 1st tee, which was unfortunately the designated “hole in one” hole to the wonderful 8th where was ball was easily spotted stuck firm in the protective wall – so “nearest to the pin” was also out of reach. Despite that, it was still a fun round!

Even though the course is not so long, it was definitely demanding! Good course management or rather accurate driving was the key on the day, while the greens were excellent and consistent. As always there was a lots of shots left behind but I guess that’s why we keep trying.

Overall a wonderful course, a different set of challenges from other rounds and an enjoyable day spent in the company of a great crowd. Well worth a long weekend when the sun shines to enjoy a family break with wonderfully friendly staff and with the stunning scenery over the lake and above to the mountains.

As always a special thanks  to Nora and her support team for creating such a great Event, Apero, Wine tasting and Sponsors. Although already mentioned many times already, it still has to be said – if you combine Egg and Bacon on a mid round snack you’re sure to be successful.

Colt Lake, hopeful Tiger 2013