“Green and Blue – A Golfers Tale” – Season Final 2013 from a players viewpoint

Green verdant fairways and blue, blue skies greeted all 58 Tigers and Rabbits who came to GC Waldkirch for the Golf 4 Fun end of season finale.

The 58 hopefully starters on the 1st tee

Up for grabs a treasure trove of prizes waiting to be claimed by the victors with the odds of taking home some booty ( no not that sort  !!!! ) being increased with the addition of an end of season raffle.

To match the course and the weather, as well as Jay`s trousers  it was appropriate that out of the four nine holes courses we were to play the Green and the Blue to decide who would be this season`s overall tournament winner.

Views over the 15th and 16th fairway on the Blue Course

We were welcomed on the first tee by the enthusiastic trio of Nora, Charlotte and Dawn. Nora took our flight photos and talked us through the local rules whilst Charlotte and Dawn organized the sponsors` goodies and the Michelin star packed lunch provided by Evelyn – boy, those pies were good!

Goodie Bag Views

And so the church clock struck 12.00 and my two fellow flight members and I were underway… at this point apologies to Patrick, Dick and Nina who were meant to go before us… not sure how that happened.

Well, my challenge for the lead started well with seven points gleaned from the first 3 holes and so pro rata a potential 42 points in the offing, and then we faced the fourth.

It is a feature of most Migros courses that there is always a hole of special interest and in this case the fourth is a definite qualifier. As you stand on the elevated tee there is out of bounds in the woods to your left and water to the right . In front of one is an uphill slope more befitting of an FIS slalom meeting. (Actually a chairlift would be a welcome addition) Having forgotten my oxygen cylinder it took a while for me to eventually regain my breath , but managed to get down in 6 to bag another 2 points .

At this point the proverbial wheel fell off the proverbial trolley.

The E-Bikes on full display at the 1st tee box to tantalize all

The par 3 Fifth –Hole in One — and the elusive prize of the Raleigh E-Bike awaited the competitor who could get down in one. This was definitely not going to be me as I struggled with my tee shot and ended with my picking up for no score.

The next few holes passed by in a blur of wasted shots and lost balls and by the time I arrived at the ninth I was beginning to wonder whether clearing minefields might be more fun. I had only added a further 3 points to my tally so my challenge for immortality was all but through. The mood in our flight suddenly improved though as we watched Peter fire a laser like iron shot to within 6 metres of the pin which would eventually result in his picking up a prize for this feat.

Winner of Nearest to the Pin on Hole 9 – Gail Hess receiving her prize from sponsor Demee from U-nique

We now moved on over the road (or rather under it) to the more undulating  blue course. Here there was a slight bottleneck and so time to tuck into our individual culinary feasts.


With the correction in my blood sugar levels I hit the perfect drive on the 10th setting up for an easy 6 iron into the green for maximum points. Reality was somewhat different as my approach shot was more spade than 6 iron and the end result was nil point, a result that was to be repeated on the next hole.

On the 13th I could proudly claim 2 points and after an uneventful 14th and a further 2 points we moved onto the 15th and the longest drive. My name was not to be on the list of contenders having made a donation to the Migro lake ball fund.

Eventual winner of the Mens Longest Drive – Murray Sparks about to make the final move of the mens marker on the 15th fairway.

We were greeted on the 16th by Nora and Dawn to give us encouragement and for me to inform Dawn that we were not about to retire to a life in the sun with me as a golf Pro.

I then proceeded to hit a 5 iron onto the dance floor of the Par 3, only to be later informed by my wife that she had not been watching at all !! 

We were soon on the 18th and second chance at nearest the pin. Alas, by this time 5 hours in the sun had affected us all and the promise of  a bounty of goodies quickly turned to dust as I placed it as far way from the pin as is possible and still be on the green.

Another lady winner of the Nearest to the Pin on the 18th hole – Alison Taylor reciving her prize from sponsor Demee from U-nique.

After a quick drink, a shower, and a change of clothes it was time for the Apero and I think that for the money it was a great spread from Migros even including wine, albeit of one colour.

As the sun set  and the temperature fell , prize giving was upon us. With far too many recipients to be mentioned here ( although  all will be named and photographed for prosperity on the golf 4 fun website and blog)  but to all who won Well Played   and maybe in 2014 I will play myself into contention.

Finally a great thank you to Nora, Daniel, Charlotte , Dawn , Evelyn and Mark without whose contributions these days would not be so enjoyable and not forgetting our very own David Bailey  — SIEGI !!!!!!   


Peter Martin, Hopeful Tiger 2013 (and 2014 I’m sure)