Sunday 25th August and Round 6 of the Golf 4 Fun 2013 Tournament series . This would be the second round hosted by a famous Swiss cheese making region. Back in May it was Grüyere and now, 3 months later, we found ourselves in the undulating landscape of Emmental.

Peter1The view back from the 14th Green, Emmental GC.

Dawn and I had travelled down the day before to visit some of the area`s famous landmarks, such as Schloss Burgdorf and the Emmental Käserei . Here I learnt that Swiss cheese is given its special creaminess by the MILK which depends on the growth of lush Alpine pastures and that in order for them to be so lush they require plenty of —–RAIN !


EmmetalViewsViews from the area surrounding Emmental GC

As I opened our hotel bedroom window on Sunday morning I was greeted with the sound of precipitation normally assosciated with the Amazon rain forest. Spirits were not dampened, however, as my start time was one of the later ones and so allowed plenty of time for the tropical cyclone to pass.

StartersThe 47 starters on the day

We had arrived early as Dawn was helping Charlotte and Robyn with the mid – round refreshments and so after warming up on the range and honing my putting skills I was rather at a loose end and spent the next two hours doing a fine impression of a quick change act , in and out of waterproofs as the weather tried to make up its mind.


At last the allotted time arrived and so with local rules and photos sorted by Nora and our generous sponsors` freebies stowed it was onto the first tee. By this time the weather Gods had enabled me to be attired in golfshirt and shorts – ( as an Englishman 15 deg C allows this ) .

The first at Emmental is a short Par 4. Although the out of bounds to the right and the high fence to the left had acted as a magnet to some of the earlier flights I somehow managed to land in the middle of the fairway and ended with a par for a great opening 3 points.

Peter2Flight 10 approaching the 3rd green

The opening two holes are fairly benign and then we entered what I could only describe as SAS assault course territory with a mountain goat transfer to the third and the first of many great vistas and cardiac challenging climbs.

We soon arrived at the hole-in-one challenge, with another spectacular view, and club selection was key with the sharp drop down to the green. None of my flight made it onto the dancefloor let alone managed an ace. However, it was heartening to hear that a non- tournament player just two flights behind us achieved this and so not impossible then. It does, however, mean that the magnificent prize supplied by Raleigh remains unclaimed.

Peter3View from the tee box on the 6th hole – our Hole-in-One Challenge

By this time my round had fallen into a slump as I carded three blobs in seven holes. My scoring needed some inspiration and coming up the eighth I was helped by recalling that the half way refuelling station was just ahead .

Charlotte, Dawn and Robyn greeted us with smiles and encouragement and more importantly those delicious sandwiches supplied by Evelyn.

MidroundMid round Goodies

Sustanance taken on board we moved on to the Par 3 ninth, a hole sponsored by the Emmental golf club, offering nine litres of wine to the lucky competitor who achieved to finish the hole in just one blow. Unfortunately, Bacchus was not prepared to release his bounty to any of us this day but I will be back.

We then entered a part of the course which could only be described as gun shot alley, with fairways running up and down parallel to each other, resulting in errant T shots demanding a cacophany of shouts of FORE!!! and for the militay veterans amongst you INCOMING !!

Peter6No one may have claimed the Hole-In-One EBike just yet, but this gentleman scored a hole-in-one on the flight directly after flight 15 on hole 13 – congratulation Sir!

With no need of medical attention our flight reached nearest the pin where one of our four hit what we considered to be a contender, only to arrive on the green to see a magnificent 42 cm had been recorded. Longest drive was also to prove a let down after Peter in our group unleashed a magnificent drive only for the perspective to give us hope which was then dashed as we walked up the ribbon of fairway to find the marker somewhat further than his attempt.

By this time my scoring had improved and I would have played to my handicap had it not been for my finding the water in front of the 18th green, robbing me of the vital point.

Peter4View from behind the 18th green over the menacing water

Another magnicent day`s golf with a great turnout and, of course, not possible without the organisation by Nora and the support of Dani, Mark, Charlotte, Robyn, Dawn, Evelyn`s sandwiches and all the sponsors, as well as the welcome of Emmental Golf club.

HelpersClockwise from left, Mark, Robyn with her partner David, Siegi our great Apero Snapper, Peter and Evelyn, Charlotte and finally Daniel.

Also a great introduction to the conditions that await those lucky enough to be visiting the Emerald Isle shortly where they say it`s so peaceful you don`t even care where the ball is going.

Looking forward to the season`s Finale Round 7 on September 21st at Waldkirch — ( they don`t make cheese there, do they ?? )

Hopeful Tiger, Peter Martin