A sunny morning greets the Golf4Fun’ers for Round 6 2014

I think we can all agree that the summer this year has been far from ideal… however, when it comes to the Golf4Fun days out, we continue to blessed.


 The sun-kissed green splendour of Gruyere golf course beckoned the 55 or so Golf4Fun players arriving in their stead. Gruyere is a beautiful golf course, with breath-taking views over the surrounding pastures and distant Alps. It’s a short course, par 68 with eight par threes. On paper it may look deceivingly easy but by all means it is far from that… particularly with the undulating and narrow fairways. The first tee is a wonderful par 3 dropping about 100m to a neatly kept green bordered at the back by a rocky abyss … this is when those handy physics calculations become handy in order to account for the drop in altitude.


This time I had the pleasure of playing in an all-ladies three ball flight. I must admit, it’s great not to have to concern oneself in having to take cover from the shots from the men’s tee when playing in a mixed flight. We were greeted, once again, at the 8th tee and half-way stop by an array of delicious sandwiches and drinks. As we were actually running on schedule, we also got to enjoy a relaxed 10 minutes watching the flight ahead of us tee off and admiring yet another beautiful view of this par 3 where the height differential is even higher than with the first tee and drops into an intimidating forest of lush greenery and a winding river… and for those who find the beautiful wild more enticing than hitting their ball onto the green, there is at least a generous drop zone.


 And so the day progressed…with the group slowly gathering at the 19th hole for their well-deserved refreshments. The apero was absolutely delicious – beautifully crafted delicacies presented in individual translucent dishes. Fin Bec, one of the sponsors, were also their to quench our thirst with an array of sparkling, white and red wine.

 Prize giving then proceeded. Most impressive was the first-timer out on the field as a Platzreife and scoring a solid 50 net points.. well done Ron Clark! This is in conjunction with Ron getting the closest to the pin award at 1.8m from the hole… hmm… somehow not a conventional platzreife. Matthias Sluga came in second in the Net 18-36 HCP also with an impressive 43 points, with a number of people closely trailing behind.

 All in all a great day. Ahead of us lies the last tournament of the year (where did the time go!?) taking place in Waldkirch on Saturday 20th September.. I bet the sun will be shining!


Theresa Patricios, hopeful Tiger 2014